SIFCO ASC (Applied Surface Concepts)

The SIFCO Process of Selective Electroplating is an advanced, well-engineered and complete method of selectively electroplating localized areas without having to use an immersion tank. Quality of deposits and adhesion to base materials are equivalent or superior to that which may be obtained using good tank plating practice.


  • Provide corrosion protection.
  • Improve wear resistance.
  • Improve solderability or brazing characteristics.
  • Decrease electrical contact resistance.
  • Prevent galling.
  • Serve as bearing surfaces.
  • Salvage worn or mismachined parts.
  • Improve appearance (decorative).


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  • It plates very rapidly on small to medium size areas.
  • It reduces the amount of masking required.
  • It permits plating of parts too large for existing plating tanks.
  • It reduces machine downtime and production delays.
  • It is capable of plating exactly the desired thickness.
  • It minimizes hydrogen embrittlement.
  • It provides, in many cases, superior adhesion particularly on more difficult to plate materials.